Is there a way to replicate an Excel combo chart in Domo?

I have some charts in Excel I'm trying to replicate (as best I can) in Domo.   One of the charts is a combo chart that shows data on the Primary and Secondary axis.  Is this possible in Domo?  I'd like to have a vertical bar and a line on the same graph.

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    You have multiple options to do this. You can have a simple bar + line chart. You can do a stacked bar + line as well as grouped bars + Line. The stacked bars can show actual values or % breakdown(i.e. region/channel breakdown by %). You can also add multiple lines on each of these charts. 

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    @user01332   I apologize as this was lost in the middle of a lot of other work.  I'm not sure if you already found your answer but wanted to respond just the same.   I set my data up as follows:


    2015 Q1Category 1189
    2015 Q2Category 1190
    2015 Q3Category 1178
    2015 Q4Category 1170
    2016 Q1Category 1175
    2015 Q1Target Category 1165
    2015 Q2Target Category 1165
    2015 Q3Target Category 1165
    2015 Q4Target Category 1170
    2016 Q1Target Category 1170
    2015 Q1Category 2138
    2015 Q2Category 2134
    2015 Q3Category 2136
    2015 Q4Category 2140
    2016 Q1Category 2131
    2015 Q1Target Category 2120
    2015 Q2Target Category 2120
    2015 Q3Target Category 2120
    2015 Q4Target Category 2125
    2016 Q1Target Category 2125


    The first column was my date range (in my case just 5 consecutive quarters).   The 5 quarters would be repeated for each of the series in column 2. 


    Column 2 represented my series and the series target.  


    Column 3 had the values for the series in column 2.    


    Once the data is imported into Domo I chose the Line + Grouped Bar option.



    My date range was in the X Axis

    The Y Axis is my values

    The series would then be the series from Column 2.


    Under Chart properties under General I chose:

    Series on Left Scale = 2


    Sync Value Scales was checked as both my line lines (which represented the targets) and the bars (which represented the actuals) had the same scale


    I then checked Hide second scale as I didn't need to see both.  


    Hopefully this helps. 


  • Godzilla, thanks for the update.   I played around with the Group Bar + Line chart and realized that I needed to manipulate the data in Excel in order to get the data the way I wanted it.   I needed 2 bars and 2 lines.  The bars represent the actuals and the lines the targets.   By setting up the data in a specific format in Excel I got it to work by using that import as my data source.  Thankfully this data is only updated once a quarter so I don't need it to link to live data.  

  • @PLaPlant I  need to build a card with 2 bars and 2 lines. Can you please share what steps/options you used to build yours?

  • @user01332, please feel free to open up a new thread for better exposure to your question ? 

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