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I have a quick question on SFDC data connector. I’m trying to pull SFDC Task object data in Domo which includes our TLG call and dial data. However, the task object seems to be too big to be imported. I only selected 5 fields in the object and it took forever to import.


I saw another option to import SFDC is through reports. Where do I have to save the report I want to pull in SFDC so that the report can show up in the drop down list? I have a lot of random reports showing up in the drop down list and I have no idea how to include the one I want to pull. Saw this post in help but don’t know what does Account reports mean.. http://wiki.domo.com/confluence/display/428BA51/April+2014+Release+2




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    And lastly to add to your questions,


    REPORTS can only be added into domo when these reports are tabular only.





    This is one way I would go about it.


    1) I would acquire a replication tool that syncs SFDC data to a database like MySql, Oracle, or SQL server.

    2) Multiple options here:

    a) use Workbench to upload data from your DB to DOMO

    b) upload directly from domo

    c) Partition the data with a view (limit the data set size) and upload as an append.


    Let me know if this helps.




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  • Yeah I changed the report type to tabular and it showed up. Thanks!!