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Very happy that Sumo can now subtotal! However, I think this feature needs a bit of finesse.


Here's a scenario: 


If I have three items on sale, and two have a sales campaign of one week, but the third has a campaign of two weeks, I would like to see a subtotal of the two week campaign, so I can see the aggregate numbers.


However, when I click the sub total button I get subtotals for the single week campaigns as well, which provides redundant information. 


I would really like to be able to select which items to aggregate, or set a rule that says if the data only occurs in one row, do not add a subtotal. 


Here's a visual description in case that is helpful:


Product Line Name

   Campaign 1 - Week 1 of 1 Sales Info

        SUBTOTAL Campaign 1 - Week 1 of 1 Sales Info

   Campaign 2 - Week 1 of 1 Sales Info

        SUBTOTAL Campaign 2 - Week 1 of 1 Sales Info

   Campaign 3 - Week 1 of 2 Sales Info

   Campaign 3 - Week 2 of 2 Sales Info

        SUBTOTAL Campaign 3 - Week 1 and 2 of 2 Sales Info


The red subtotal is the only one I actually want to see in the report, as the others are redundant.


Domo folks, let me know if you need more info on this idea - happy to answer any subsequent questions.




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  • As a corollary, I would also suggest the ability to toggle on/off both row and column subtotals. For example I may want an average subtotal for a set of columns, but not for the rows becuase the row average may nto make sense.

  • Thanks for submitting this idea.  I am assigning to our product manager for this area, @ckwright, who will respond.

  • Thanks for these suggestions, we are looking into additional options for Sub Totals in Sumo and will update the participants as we have more information. 

  • Did this idea ever materialize?



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