Creating average value in card not working

I'm trying to create a card that takes an average of a column and displays it in a single value gauge.  Changing the value of the column to Average gives me a strange value. It's doing it on every different data source I'm trying.  I created my own Domo online form to test and I still see the strange value.  Here's the value I get when averaging the following data.  Value displayed on the card = 167 from the data set below. 




  • are you using beast mode to do the average calculation or just setting the aggregation in properties on the chart to average?

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  • Right now I'm just setting it as an aggregation in the chart properties.  Beast mode works when I do it but I have too many items to beast mode them all. 

  • You are right. I've tested by using the Single Value Card and adding your dataset in an online form.


    The summary number average is the only one creating it correctly.

    It should be 19,45.


    After changing the properties in the card it is now averaging to 20.88.


    Also when using beast mode as to creating a weighted average it appears that it is using a Count distinct in the denominator.


    Bottom line, it is removing duplicate values.


    Summary : Correctly calculated value

    in Single card: sum(dataset)/ Count(distinct dataset).


    let me know what you think.



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