Keep future dates when setting a date range

When using the Date Range Filter feature and I want to set the default date range in edit view, I sometimes want a future date as the range end date (for example, I want our FY 7/1/2015 - 6/30/2016). I'd like that end date (6/30/2016) to NOT be automatically replaced with the current date (don't replace 6/30/2016 with11/23/2015 -- which then stays hard-coded as 11/23/15 and won't update to "TODAY"). 

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  • A similar functional need for which i was just about to add a new idea, but will append here instead, is for the Date Range selection capability to be open-ended.  


    Ex:  i am measuring performance within a workflow, and there is a system release that should increase operational efficiency within said workflow.  I want to be able to set a card's date range to have a fixed starting date, but the end date range is open-ended.  Effectively what @pratherp has suggested as automatically updating to "TODAY" when not specified (or when preset as a future date). 

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  • A refinement to this request that would additionally solve a challenge with one of my clients is the ability to set relational dates in the fields. I have a client who's performance is based on being able to fill available shift openings in the future. They need a card to display data linked to next week and next month as time frames.  

  • Thank you for submitting your idea.  @StevenC is the product manager for this area and will respond.

  • @pratherp@ckatzman @ChadBSI these are great suggestions! Thanks a lot for the input! We've submitted ticket 60413 to review this with our dev team.

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