Domo should Link opportunity data to SFDC

I had an idea that would be really helpful for a Domo/SFDC report. 


It would be amazing if we can click thru the opportunity name in a domo card/table to link us directly to SFDC and that particular opportunity

In addition it would also be cool if we can change SFDC data/fields when we are in a domo card or table. 

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  • Hi @jfestejo0614,


    Just saw your post while browsing through some articles and wanted to let you know you can acheive this pretty easily by utilizing a Beast Mode.


    In a table card, just create the following Beast Mode, replacing the "" with your Salesforce instance address, and the `opp id` field with your dataset's field for the opportunity ID. When you populate the table, you should now see a link that you can click that will open a new window/tab directly to that opportunity:


    CONCAT('<a href="',`opp id`,'" target="_blank">Click Here to View in SFDC</a>')




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