How to push data into Domo through Domo API

I am integrating domo with our system using mule, how can we push data in to domo using domo API


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help @sagarzope with their question?


  • Could you provide some more detail regarding the type of data you're trying to get into Domo? The Domo API is not in wide released at this point, but we may be able to find other ways to get your data into Domo. If it can be saved to a file, put on a sftp site, stored in google drive, box, etc., emailed as an attachment or any number of other methods, Domo has a method to get it into your instance. Perhaps some more detail about the data could help the community work out a good process.

  • @sagarzope, did zcameron's reply help answer your question?