Hover Over Column Headings in Magic ETL to View Full Heading Name

It would be awesome if when you hover over a column heading in Magic ETL the entire column heading would be displayed. With the current character limitiation, it's very challenging to identify specific columns when doing transformation work with Magic ETL.

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  • @mattchandler is the product manager for this area.  He will take a look at this suggestion and respond.  Thank you for submitting the idea.

  • Thanks for the suggestion @B_Squid! Could you post a screenshot or description of a the place (or places) that you're referring to so we make sure we understand? I think it's a great suggestion, and just want to make sure that we our improvement addresses the specific area you are running into this.

    Matt Chandler
  • @mattchandler - When selecting a column to include in a transform being built in Magic ETL:




    Really, I think the hover over for full column name concept should be applied across the whole product! I run into instances even in the card builder where you don't always know what the full metric name is...


    I hope this helps!



  • Yes, that makes sense @B_Squid. I've added it to our future roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Matt Chandler
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