'Manual' Sort Option

In addition to 'Ascending' and 'Descending', 'Manual' would be a super-useful sort option.

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  • @ckwright is the product manager for this area.  He will take a look at this suggestion and respond.  Thank you for submitting the idea.

  • Folks who upvoted this, here's a current workaround if you're looking to display categories in a custom order.


    In Beast Mode, create a calculation called sort_order. You're manually assigning a place in the order to each category.


    CASE category

    WHEN 'category 1'  THEN 1

    WHEN 'category 2'  THEN 2

    WHEN 'category 3'  THEN 3

    ... END


    It should cover all the values you're displaying. Then sort by your new 'sort_order' field (make sure it's first in the hierarchy), and the categories should be displayed in the order you assigned

  • Please explain a bit more, custom sort works well with tables, on charts would 3rd level sorting fit this need? 

  • Not if I want values arranged by anything other than 'alphabetical' or 'sum of ___'. Maybe I'd like the value that is usually highest to always be first. Maybe an executive likes to see things in a certain order.



    Another big reason that consistent sorting (regardless of change in associated value) is good is that the chart colors stay consistent. Looking at the same data with two different filters may change the sort order (therefore the color).


    Also, ascending/descending sort doesn't work when you're sorting strings that are just numbers (e.g. '25','50','90').

  • Been using the workaround for a long time but a manual sort without having to do the beast mode workaround would be great!
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  • @jasoncox thanks for the email explaining further. I understand your request and will discuss this with my team and provide update in the future about this request. 

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