Value scale needs conditional decimal

Not sure if 'conditional decimal' is what we shoudl call this, but here's the basic idea.


As displayed in the image below, I want my chart values to show as currency without a decimal. However, based on the particular scale that draws for the report below, Domo is should $2m, $2m, $3m, instead of $2m, $2.5m, $3m. This causes confusion when I present these reports, especially in Powerpoint format. I do not want the decimals to show in my data values, and I don't really want decimals anywhere else on the value scale, just where this $2m is repeated.


This is further complicated because when I set up a chart, it may not draw a scale in this way, but as new data is added (to hundreds of cards at once), some particular cards may have this issue and it's impossible to detect without doing a review of all updated cards.


I'm hoping Domo can introduce some sort of "smart" decimal system, that adds a decimal at the halfway mark on scales such as the below.



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  • FYI this is still an issue but I noticed the scale behaves properly if I am using number labels, it does this inaccurate labeling on Currency only.


    Please address this, it is causing a lot of confusion among my colleagues and executives.


    I realized I actually typed the wrong thing in my original post -- the scale here should show:

    $0, $500k, $1m, $1.5m, $2m, $2.5m - it should never reach $3m because it is meant to be at intervals of $500k, which is automatically scaled in Domo, I did not indicate a min/max for this card.


    Thank you!

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