Make GOAL optionally a field sourced value versus a single hard-coded input

Would be very helpful if GOAL could be applied based on a datasource field rather than having to be hard-coded on a card, and therefore requiring maintenance over time if the Goal changes from period to the next.  


Not sure what the data manifestation would be, and probably depends on the grain of your data.  At the finest grain (transactional?), thinking that you'd just build your source data and apply the Goal repetitively to all transactions based on their applicable period.  If your data is pre-summarized when loaded to Domo, then you may be able to avoid the repetition of the result and only show it once relative to the correct attribute and period.  


You can do this already if you pick a "+ Line"  card type, or just use a Line chart, but you may want a Grouped Bar + Line already for your data, and STILL want a Goal line.  Perhaps the solution is to allow for more than one "+ Line" in a given card?

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  • Adding to this - would REALLY like to also be able to change the label of 'GOAL' -- Budget, Forecast, Stretch Goal, etc. Right now if I use the Goal line and it is meant to indicate Budget etc, I have to use the card description to remind the User so they don't make a false assumption. 


    When my dataset includes a Goal field I just use the other chart styles to get that line populated, but I do think this field is helpful when the Goal is not in the dataset and can be hard coded. But again -- sometimes it's not specifically a "Goal" that I would like to display via that field. 

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  • @ckatzman FYI if you're using the chart types that have + Line, you can actually indicate the # of lines that show up - for instance in Stacked Bar + Line card -- set up chart settings as below, and then put the line values in the usual 'Y Axis' space, and left to right in the 'Series' spaces



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  • Hi, Robyn.  Oh, that's cool.  I had not stumbled across that yet.  I dig your add though, being able to "re-label" Goal would be useful.

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  • I am also interested in this!



    1. Change the label of a goal
    2. Goal value based on a field instead of hard-coded.
  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  I'm notifying two of our product managers that work in the areas that would be affected here.  @ckwright and @alexpeay can you please take a look at this and repond.  

  • @Gavatar team would need to scope this out, I like the idea. Make goals more impactful in charts. 

  • Absolutely being able to have a variable goal would be helpful. As an example depending on traffic mix on our railroad, our goal can vary from day to day.

  • Love this idea. We are working on our new chart engine that we showed at Palooza. As part of that project we are looking at goal lines. Another request in our backlog is to give more control over the format & color of the goal line. Right now you get solid line & red. Is that of interest to others? We definitely need a dynamic field for the goal to help keep it up to date and a way to customize the text.


  • Color flexibility is always a good option.  Another idea posted early in the forum (honestly don't remember anymore if it was mine, or if i just piled onto it??) was being able to set branded color schemes through Company Settings (we all have our own corporate palattes that marketing likes to use... ie, one-shade off UNC TarHeel blue to avoid copyright issues, right???).  If that ever came to fruition, tying Goal color schemes into that functionality would be good... I could see maybe wanting to set Goal line color as my primary corporate color.  It's a bit "subliminal messaging" perhaps?

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