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It would be very useful to not only allow the macros for hover and data label display to show the categories and values that are included in the chart, but also other ones in the data set that is powering the card.


For example, hovering over a column that charts total sales, it would be great to see more data, such as % change month over month, or # of deals closed, average deal size, etc.


This would also be great to show as a display setting to just have another data point above the columns to add more color/depth to the graph.

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  • was about to submit this. Would be a serious upgrade. It's possible to display detail like this (in the same card) via drill views, but it's not the same as actually seeing it all together.

  • I am taking this straight from a tableau feature. The issue with drill views, is it take into consideration what filed you clicked, so I would lose the date range.


    The "too many clicks" to get to what I need is direct feedback form my CEO.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  @ckwright is our PM for this area and will respond.

  • Thanks for this feedback, to have more hover tips/tool tip capabilities in charts is a feature on our road map. I will provide more feedback to this request as more becomes available. 

  • I would use this in most of my dashboards. I am surprised this feature does not have more votes already.

  • Ditto... This would be an awesome feature, and something one of my organization's users had specifically asked for.  I'm encouraging all my users vote for this.

  • I agree - this would be a fantastic feature to have in order to add a quick view that's a bit more informative without having to necessarily click to drill down.

  • +1 from me also. For example, I have a heat map that shows a sum of transactions vs. locations for the transactions and would like hover text to show the number of users underlying the transaction sum / location combination. 

  • Any update on this? I would also love to have this feature!

  • Wolfram
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    This is the #1 feature that amazes me Domo doesnt have. Not having this kills the user experience in so many cases.

  • @ckwright @Gavatar


    Can you guys provide an update on this request?



  • What's the update on this?


  • All, is there an update here. It looks like this is an old ticket but the feature is extremely valuable. Does Domo have a solution here or have they decided that the customer is not right?

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    +1, would love to add this functionality to the pie-chart, so we can have a snapshot of details for each slice! 

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  • Keep the dream alive, everyone!

  • Absolutely has to be added! it would be a great feature!

  • I'm not sure if this is still a beta that I am a part of, but this feature is in product now (or will be soon).  Most chart types will allow you to use a field called "TOOTIP FIELD" to add another datapoint that can be referenced via the hover text settings or the data label settings:1.png


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  • Hi - 

    I know this is showing as implemented but am still having a tooltip hover text issue with heat maps specifically, so I went ahead and added upvotes instead of adding a new idea (let me know if that was the wrong thing to do). 

    I want to include a non-visualized variable in my heat map as an FYI, but tooltips are not available to me in the interface (it's grayed out) so I can't use include it by using a text macro. Hoping this functionality can be added to heat maps soon!


    Heat Map Tooltip.GIF 

  • Would be great to have the tooltip functionality added to the calendar card so users can hover over days to view release notes for days there was a release or something that impacted the data. I know I can manually add annotations, but teams are interested in adding more granular detail I don't want to clog up cards for other end users, so I set up a google sheet they can upate with their notes. 

  • @jkimmey23  Do you use your google sheets notes as an input into your graphs?  i.e. have you found a way to integrate that note data directly into cards?  Was thinking that your idea is something we should implement and maybe we could use the notes as drill paths for certain dates... good idea that I'm going to look into implementing. 

  • @MackDaddy, yes I was planning on using Google sheets, that way I can have a few different end users adding notes to the cards. 

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