How to create a card like this one

We're having trouble creating a card like this one. How would we go about it? Are there different types of GA datasets we need to create?


  • Looks like that card is using a custom dataset from Google Analytics. Typically the "Page" dimension of google analytics needs to be setup by either support or consulting.


    You can either reach out to Domo Support directly to see if they can setup a datasource with the "Page" dimension and "Pageviews" as the metric or reach out to your account executive to see if they can have someone set it up for you.

  • That should be simple horizontal bar chart. All you need is a category field for the y axis (could be date or some other category) and your value column. You can also add a catogory field as a series to make it a stacked bar (i.e. teritory or channel). BarChart.JPGntal bar chart. You'll need 

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