Set Filters before Fields/Data Enter the Datasource

Right now  Filters are set to only include/exclude data that is already in the datasource. It would be great to manually enter Filters for data that has not been uploaded yet. I work for a rapidly expanding business where new series data is uploaded everyday. Very difficult to keep in front of existing cards as this data is entered into our system.

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  • Thank you for this idea.  I am assigning this to our product manager @alexpeay for review.

  • PJulius,


    Are you talking about being able to filter out/values that are not in the DataSet yet or being able to filter based on columns that may not exist in the DataSet? I understand the need but I am trying to better understand exactly how you would need it.


    For example. let's say you have a DataSet with a column of Region that includes [North, Central, West] due to the growth in your company you will be spliting the North region into a North and South, so you would like to create some filters for South before it comes into the system.


    Or, you have a DataSet that has no Region column but would like to create some filters for a Region column knowing that the schema for the DataSet will change in the future to include this column.


    Thanks for the idea and any additional insight you can provide.

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Hi Alex, your first example is what I would like to happen. Filters on existing columns for data that is not entered. 


    Filters on non-existing columns are not as important to me as they have to manually be added to a card. In the first example data can influence a card before I have the chance to review it. When a datasource is tied to many cards this can lead to bad decisions.

  • It will be nice to be able to add "non-existing" value to filter.  We would need that too!  Our example: when monitoring release status, it would be nice to have cards created up-front for the releases not yet started, but having a name convention to know the name.  And the release name is used in filter.

  • @btm


    Please have your team take a look at this, thanks!


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