Publication groups able to add cards to favorites

It would be great to let those in a publication group add cards to favorites.  Even better if pre set filters (analyzer On) for a person would send that value to the favorites / daily email.  Otehrwise, I have to set up 53 separate cards and instances to get individual data to the sales rep!  I ahve seen similar posts in DOJO, but could not see it submitted as a new idea / DOMO enhancement.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  I'm assigning to our product manager @StevenC to review.

  • @Shevy thanks for the suggestion! I've created internal ticket DOMO-65258 for our engineering team to review your idea!

  • Has DOMO-65258 been resolved yet? I'd love to allow people to favorite cards!

  • It hasn't yet @McSwag but thanks for the input, we'll keep you posted!

  • Thanks, @michaelf Publication groups with the ability to add alerts and favorite the cards would change our world.


    From what we can discern, there are no security concerns for favoriting a card or setting alerts. If you need a beta tester, I'll volunteer!

  • It would certainly add value to publication groups and its great to hear how anxious you are to have it. Thanks @McSwag

  • Hi @michaelf ! cc: @brunobutruille 


    A lot of people from my company are after this exact feature.

    (Currently managing via keeping their own personal lists of URLs - but that doesn't work all the time!)


    Has there been any movement on this idea? Would be a huge help as over 90% of what we show on Domo is powered by publication groups !




  • @michaelf @btm


    Do we have an update on this request?




  • @DaniBoy this one falls under @product_John now. He will have a better idea. Thanks!

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    For those watching this thread and for some perspective, my company is switching security filtering over to PDP in order to leverage alerts, favorites, etc that publication groups can't.  That might not work for everyone but it's working really well for us so far.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • +1 on this from me.


    Also, does this request apply to external pub groups?  


    This is where I'm interested -- we've implemented external groups with SSO and are migrating a client over, and they are really missing this feature.

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