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Currently when working on a  "Python SQL" there is no option to save the work till all the boxes/fields have been filled up.In a situatio nwhere you might have written 6-7 queries and lose coneectivity,the whole effort is rendered futile.


Either there shpould be auto save option or an option to "save" while the dataflow is being completed. 

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  • To save a DataFlow, you just need to give it a title, and at least one input and output. I often do a title, pull in all the inputs I need and create a dummy output dataset so that I can "save" the dataflow. Note there is an option to "Save" the DataFlow without running it (which would probably break or not give meaningful results while still developing the DataFlow).

  • I am going to archive this idea based on the solution given.

  • Marking a implemented given soluton comment provided.

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