Can you import Excel file with the file extension *.xlsm

I have Excel file which are macro driven so their extension is *.xlsm for some reason it would not import into DOMO I had to save the data a *.xlsx




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    Can anybody help @HelenOBrien with their question?


  • Hey @HelenOBrien,


    Not sure why you'd be having trouble uploading an *.xlsm file through Workbench since it supports that kind of file. Is there anything special/unique about the file or its formatting? If you'd feel comfortable, you could private message me a copy of the file and that may help me figure out what's going wrong.

  • I was not using Workbench, as I do not have rights or do not have it installed, will check this out with the DBA.

    When I was creating a new chart I was importing the Excel file *.xlsm and this is where I was having the problem.




  • Ah, I see. I assumed this was Workbench related since you posted in the "Workbench" forum here. Yes, when you go to create a card and add the datasource that way, it is using the Domo Excel Connector, which currently doesn't support .xlsm.

    You can download Workbench from within Domo by going to your Domo instance, then in the top right arrow, selecting "Admin", then "Tool Downloads" from the left-hand pane. Once downloaded, you will need admin access to be able to install (you may need to get the right authorization here), but once installed, you can then connect to your Domo instance and push up an .xlsm file.

  • @HelenOBrien, did quinnj's reply help you out? 

  • I have workbench but still cannot import a macro enabled excel file with extension *.xlsm.


    Can someone please help me with the process of uploading the file?

  • @quinnj any thoughts on the last comment?


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