Move card AND drills

I would like to have an option to migrate a card AND its drills when I am doing 'Update Data'>'Change Dataset'>'Existing Dataset'.


I think it's great that drills can access other datasets, that was a great enhancement from a year or so ago, however now I'm finding myself, after changing my card's dataset, removing and re-adding drills because it takes less time than changing the dataset within the drill layer (using the pencil icon at the top left of the screen in Edit mode).


Currently, when I select the new dataset within the drill layer, all of my card parameters go away -- from x/y axis, to series, to summary number. It makes card edits take twice as long when the edit means migrating to a different dataset. 


Best solution would actually be both options! 1) check if card has drills when testing compatibility with new dataset, and provide checkbox to allow user to migrate drills or leave them on current datset. 2) keep card parameters when drill dataset is changed, just as is done when a primary card layer has migrated -- the orange callouts to remind me what value belongs where, etc, are hugely valuable.


I'm happy to discuss this with Domo staff if anyone wants more info or wants to do a Webex demo of this trouble spot!

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  • Thank you for submitting this @RobynLinden.  I am assigning to our product manager @michaelf for review.

  • @RobynLinden Thanks for this feedback, great idea. There was an idea submitted earlier that is similar. It's titled "Select existing card as drill path view" This is idea is a little different. Agreed this would save a lot of time, we have this idea on the product radar. Thanks! 

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