Create a SUMMARY Page that displays the Daily Domo Updates

I love the daily domo. Love to see my favorite cards and what is up/down on a day over day basis. These numbers (like STOCK QUOTES) update all day and would be awesome to see them on their own page in a summary view. 


At any given time, show me whats up and down and whats the % change.



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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  Our PM over this area @MitchyMitch8 will take a look and respond.

  • Thanks for the idea submission @christophorce, adding this to our product radar.

  • The summary is a great visualization especially since it does say that the change is from the previous day which the current email does not indicate.  Even if this is not a go, adding the verbage to the percent change in the current emails that it is from the previous day is really needed.  Many of the cards that our favorited in our instance are yoy cards, so I'm concerned that users might think this is the change from the prior year instead of the prior day.

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