Scheduling export of selected cards (Power Point PPT) and then automated email distribution

A great capability for us would be if we can schedule exporting of group of cards in Power Point, and then DOMO distributes the PPT file by email to selected receivers.


In the perfect world, you should be able to select the specific cards you want to share and be able to email the file to your specified email addresses and/or users.



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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  Our product manger for this area is @StevenC and will respond.

  • That's a great suggestion @GIriarte! So insightful in fact that we're already working on a scheduled reports feature that should be available in the not so distant future! Thanks for the feedback.

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    Any news about this suggestion? Will this be also appicable to sumo cards and can be emailed to external users (those who don't have DOMO)? Do you already have an ETA for this? Thanks! @michaelf @StevenC

  • Jhona,


    We have some exciting announcements happening next week during our Domopalooza 2016 event that will help answer this question.  Please watch for those announcements and coming releases in the very near future.



  • @StevenC any update here? I still don't see this capability anywhere, what were the announcements that would help with this issue?

  • @shaanarora we announced Report Scheduler which will have the functionality requested above. We're still putting some work into it and we'll keep you posted on release news!

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    It would be great to complete the export to PDF functionality and finally support the Sumo cards fully. Yes DOMO will be be able to garantee that the table will fit on the PPT, but you can leave this constraint to the user.



  • Did scheduled reports every come out? The ability to to have a page export to PPT on a regular schedule would be hugely valuable.

  • @MattGo Report Scheduler was released - how is it working for you? With Report Scheduler you should be able to distribute email reports to other Domo users as well as anyone whose email domain has been added to the approved domains list in your instance security settings. 

    I'd like to hear how it is working for you, if you could share a few thoughts...  Thanks,

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