DOMOPALOOZA or Domo University which is best ?

I need to up-level my DOMO Skills so  can you help me to  decide which is the best event for me. The DOMOPALOOZA conference on 21st -23rd March 2016 or the Domo University courses on Tue 16th - 18th Feb 2016 - Domo Boot Camp, Data Acquisition and Transformation in Domo & Data Visualization


I  have a good understanding  of the core functionality of Domo.  I have built new cards with drill-downs and filters. I am a technical data users and would like to understand more about DOMO and how it is used in other organizations. 




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    Hi Helen, 

    I believe Jared has been in touch with you, so you are all set. 


    We look forward to meeting you in person at Domo University!


  • Hi Helen, 

    The Domo University courses are designed to provide a technical curricula that helps you learn--step by step--in that you will be in a lab environment where you will have the opportunity to apply what you are learning from the instructor and other attending customers. These courses are designed to introduce you to new concepts and then give you the chance to practice and hone your skills, whether it's in the Domo Bootcamp course or getting data into Domo in the Data Acquisition course. IMO, and I'm biased, they are very valuable. 


    That much said--and because you have experience--DomoPalooza will definitely expose you to more best practices and cutting edge appications of Domo technology. You would get to hear dozens of great use cases from our most enterprising customers, mingle with Domo product managers, discuss tips and tricks with Support, etc. So, your exposure here would be greater to new ideas and insights, if that makes sense?



  • Without a doubt its DOMOPALOOZA!!!! Day 1 of DOMOPALOOZA has workshops and many of the course / classes from boot camp are offered there. The Brilliance Bar, conversations and other events will give you more than bootcamp ever could!! (No - I do not work for DOMO)
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  • Thanks for this feedback - I go with your recommendation DOMOPALOOZA

  • Thanks for your feedback, I am actually thinking of doing both, How may people are in the Domo University course, and is there space on the course in Feb




  • Hi Helen, 

    Great to hear! Most Domo University courses hold up to 15 customers, and yes, there are still seats available for the Utah courses in February. You can register here.


    I have provisional registered for the following 3 courses – see tracking # below,  and am waiting confirmation.


    I did not pay by Credit Card, as I assume DOMO can Bill Merit Medical, is that correct?

    Once you confirm everything is good to go, I will book flights as I am travelling from Ireland.


    Tracking Number: TR4284-00455-005577


    Tracking Number: TR4284-00455-005578

    Tracking Number: TR4284-00456-005579


    please advise if i need to do anything else