Bugs Happen, What is being Hot Fixed?

Love the frequent enhancement and release cycle, and I'm pretty sure we all accept that bugs happen.  But sometimes those bugs wind up breaking a card, or some aspect of the card.  Recent example:  the release a couple of weeks ago caused my cards containing pre-aggregated Beast Mode calcs to drop their "Label", and wouldn't allow me to re-enter one.  I discovered i could work around this by re-creating the calc to not pre-aggregate and then use the aggregation selector, but that doesn't always work for all calcs.  After fixing three cards, with more to go, i decied to reach out to Domo Support.  I received a response back that Engineering was aware and was working on a fix - and the next day, all was fine.


The ask here is that there be some type of communication to acknowledge broad-impact issues that are in the process of being resolved.  Better to know, and leave it alone, and wait for the hot fix to resolve something, then spend unnecessary time trying to build a work around to something that's going to be fixed quickly anyway.

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  • @ckatzman I will take ownership of this with the support and content management teams. This is very good feedback! I'll also work with @product_John to see what kinds of enhancements can be made to alerts in product to address such scenarios.




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