Domo Workbench Clone Data Job

When you're setting up your DataSet jobs, you need to enter a bunch of stuff from scratch, such as the ODBC connection info and perhaps conventional scheduling rules, etc. Naturally, one might desire the ability to "clone" a dataset job to one with a new name (it seems it would fit nicely with the purple DataSet actions at the top.)

Luckily, I can kind of get what I want if I export the job I want to clone to JSON and then import a new job from the JSON file. The import gives me the option to rename the job rather than overwriting the existing one and I get all my settings copied over. Then I just have to change the SQL query.

Since the workbench technically supports this workflow already through the JSON serialization/deserialization, it might be an easy win to provide a "clone" action to speed up the creation of many similar jobs.

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