Magic ETL uncollapse to all unique label values

When uncollapsing columns in Magic ETL, one is required to manually enter each label to source a column name from (i.e. steps 3 and 4 in the column creation loop). There are some cases where the unique label dataset is at a size for which it would be reasonable (e.g. greater than ~5 but definitely less than 100) to want to just take each unique label column value and map it to its own column. It would be much easier to map the each label if this could be automated somehow rather than manually maintaining each unique label in the transformation.


Obviously, such a process would not scale to the hundreds of columns before becoming unwieldy and inefficient, but for those cases in the sweet spot it could save a considerable amount of maintenance time. Maybe some sanity checks on the unique label size could be performed to provide a safety valve that cuts off or provides warnings when the label set grows "too big."

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