Monitoring dataset size in datacenter?

How can we monitor dataset size in the data center? E.g. if data set size decreases after data upload or dataflow run, can we get an alter, if not, is there any way around to get informed about this kind of scenarios? 

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    I've been playing with a card that shows the "profile" of a data set lately. I set it to show the count of rows over time and trended that over the course of the data set. Depending on how your data set works (append, replace) you could set alerts on the card if your data set ever decreases (and you would not expect it to do so), or if it doesn't increase (and it should increase every day). 


    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks for your reply. However, how to I get the total number of rows in the card?

  • Pick any column and count the number of rows. If you've got a batch id, or a column that has values that are never null, you can quickly summarize the size by counting the total. 



  • Perfect, thanks