Make Table Card the Same as the Data Grid

The data grid (final drill path) is the most useful table format (better for anlayzing than the sumo card or than the standard table card). 


Can you make this a card type? It has totals, the ability to filter and group, etc. This would be my favorite card type if it was available as a card.

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  • Hi Kung-fu Panda,

    what is the difference between the data grid and the standard table card? Considering using the Standard table view you can add as much columns from the data source as need, but only the ones you really need to show, why the data grid would be different or more efficient to show?



  • The table card doesn't allow for native grouping, sorting, filtering, or row totals that the data grid shows. I often just click through to the bottom of a drill path and remove the filters (blue boxes) to use the table in this way to do data discovery work. 


    It would be ideal to be able to create a card that was just that data grid.

  • Got it. Another way for me to approach a solution is to create a more complex Data Card available which could allow you to do grouping, sorting, filtering, row totals, etc. This will allow us use the capabilities of the current table card type  like select the columns we would like to add, in the order we would need to see it but including another set of capabilities which could help to read/analyze the data.


  • Thanks for submitting this idea and the discussion.  I'm assigning to our product manager @ckwright so he aware and can review.

  • Thanks for the feedback, providing strong table features is on the product road map. We are looking into this and other solutions for tables. 

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