Alerts On User Activity

One way of being successful in any job is: to know what your boss wants, before they know they want it.


It would be useful to receive alerts on the activity of specific users in Domo based on this principal. For example if I want to see what my boss, boss's boss, (or so on), was looking at or doing within Domo, the only way of seeing this is clicking their name and getting only basic information of what they saw last. If a user could receive alerts the moment other users perform certain actions (like clicking on designated cards, visiting certain pages, or logging in), they could better prepare for what direction work will be taking or the interests of that user.


Additional card content could be created around which cards users have been clicking or pages viewed. Also if I know that certain users are online, and I may not be on at that moment to see their icon in the DomoBuzz window, it may be an indicator for me to change my attention back the activities in Domo.

Daniel Nicholas Lefteriou
Wentworth Institute of Technology

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