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Please provide the ability to treat a column value as the href value for an HTML link.


Probably want to support this for beast mode fields as well so we can concatenate the domain to turn relative URLs from data into absolute urls.


Additional nice-to-have: allow control over whether the target is blank to open a new tab.


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  • I second this emotion.  Would love to be able to show my clients how to do this.


  • Yesterday I learned that it is possible to provide an HTML column for the table card itself. (The instagram pre-made app has an example of a beast mode column that does this.) I believe that sumo tables and final drill down tables still lack this ability though.

    There might also be some overlap between this and more robust control over drilldown links, since table views will provide a filter link on columns. It would be nice to control how that filter is formed or even direct it to an external site.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @ckwright for review

  • I now understand how to render an image ref in table cards using CONCAT().  So for me personally that fulfills this ticket/item.  A harder ask is the ability to pass string variable values into the concat, so that card title and summary metric titles can be altered dynamically.  If you know a way to do that do please let me know.



  • Sure, you just add your column names with the dynamic values into the concat list like so:

    CONCAT('<a href="', '', '"><img width=40 src="', `column_name_with_relative_url_to_image`, '" title="', `column_name_with_title`, '"  /></a>')

    I believe you need single quotes surrounding the string literals and backtick characters surrounding the column names. I couldn't find a way to get inline styles through. Maybe they're being stripped out. The width and title attributes on the img tag work just fine and support dynamic interpolation.

    This all works as long as you're using the table card type to view the column. Neither the toggled table view nor the final drill down table render the HTML. They just dump it out as plain text into the cell.

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