Merge Card Table View with more robust Tabular views

I am talking about the table view available in the toggle near the upper right of each card, which is juxtaposed against the normal "chart" view.


This view creates performance issues once DataSet records grow to the hundreds of thousands range, whereas other tabular views support sorting/full export while using infiniscroll loading to avoid poor performance in the rendering engine.


I know there are other calls to provide a more consistent experience with tabular views, and I'm sure there are engineering challenges that make it non-trivial to just wave a hand and make them consistent, but I suspect it's possible to improve the consistency.


In the entire Domo ecosystem, I am aware of several tabular views, including the Sumo tables, the final drill down table view (it's not clear whether this is functionally equivalent to a Sumo table), the table card, and the table view for arbitrary card types, and the data preview used in the direct Data Center view. They seem to differ along the following aspects:


  • Export formats (Some support excel/csv and some additionally support Printing and Powerpoint)
  • The ability to lazily load additional data. (The table card disallows this, directing you to the table view. The Table view loads everything immediately. The other views let you infiniscroll)
  • The ability to sort (Doesn't seem possible from the Data preview or the Table Card interface)
  • The ability to resize a column to fit the cells (Seems to only be possible on final drill table and sumo table.)
  • The ability to group by a column. (Maybe not feasible in some views, but it seems like this should be possible on the table card and the alternative table view for a card, even if it has to be enabled by the card creator for access restriction purposes)
  • The ability to hide a column, specify conditional formatting, date grain, and all the other wonderful drop down tools offered by Sumo/final drill down tables.
  • The ability to filter by the same date range options in the card date range selector. (This is possible using the date range selector near the card header but only on the nominated date range field. Sumo/drill down views allow the user-friendly date ranges to be applied as a filter to any date column in the DataSet.)


This probably isn't the type of task that can be done in a sprint, but hopefully it helps highlight where these views are diverging in their user experience and provides a starting point to improve the consistency. Thanks.

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