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While the ability to export to excel and powerpoint is great, I think a valuable feature would be to introduce availability to export to Excel. This can be coupled with a feature where an admin can pre-determine available export options on card to limit to just pdf or a combination of PDF, Excel, and Powerpoint. This feature can be very valuable for table and sumo cards as financials should be locked from editing. 

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  • I would second this option.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea. I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • Hi @lovelock, just to be sure I understand, you would like for the admin or maybe a card owner to have the ability to limit the type of export options? So a table could only be exported as a pdf? 

  • Correct. There are times we need to produce financial reports in which we can leverage Domo for the output report and we would like to see the ability to export as a pdf.

  • Is this export to pdf option being implemented? This was a core functionality to our last BI tool and powerpoint/excel just aren't appropriate for the work we want to send to clients. Would love to have the pdf export back!

  • @StevenC @ckwright


    Any update on this one?


  • @StevenC @ckwright


    Any update on this one?



  • Hi,


    Just wondering if this is still being developed. We need to be able to export as PDF to prevent report manipulation.  





  • Lisa - try reaching out to your CSM or the Beta team and ask about the new Storytelling feature, which contains the ability to export a page as a PDF 

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