workbench SQL data source - keep getting errors

I'm new to Domo and having a frustrating first experience.

I'm trying to connect to the on-premise SQL database for our ERP system via ODBC

I'm using the same connection information I use for SSRS reporting and MS Query.


But I keep getting connection errors:

error 28000 Login failed, error 01S00 invalid connection string attribute.


I'm probably missing something obvious. Any advice?

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    Make sure your DSN entry is under the SYstem DSN tab and not User DSN.

    Are you able to go through the DSN entry wizard and test the connection by clicking on the 'Test Data Source' on the last step? as long as the DSN entry works, not sure what else can break the connection. 


    if you're on Windows 7, try creating the 32 bit DSN entry rather than 64 bit and see if it makes a difference. 

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