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I would love the ability to make bulk updates to data sources and connectors.  For example we have been asked to increase the data refresh frequency for one of our main org dashboards and as a result we need to manually update the schedule for over 700 data sources.  This is both time consuming and error prone and a utility that allowed us to select mulitple connetors/data sources and make simple bulk changes such as schedule time would be greatly appreciated

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  • AnotherDataGeek,


    This is a great suggestion and one that we are currently considering. Your usecase is a great example of when a bulk admin feature set for DataSets would be very useful. As an instance grows we want to make sure that we enable our 'data geeks' to be able to easily manage the scale of the data that they are using in Domo and this is a key feature to that end.


    Thanks for the submission and we will get back to you on a more refined feature set when we have this officially on the roadmap.


    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Alex Peay
    Product Manager
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