Question on Line do I modify which metric is the line vs which is in the stacked bar?

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  • Godzilla
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    the first series is always the line and the rest are bars. you control it using sorting. 

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  • Unknown
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    Also note that you can set the number of lines (or symbols) that will appear in the chart. Go to chart properties > General and you'll see the open field that shows Number of Lines (or Symbols). If you have four series in your chart and you want two lines, then put 2 in the box, and place these two series first and second in your chart builder. 


    This makes it much easier to manage secondary axes where you may have % and a large number on the other axis. 


  • @Wheelzzz, did Godzilla's reply help answer your question?

  • Yes it did!  Thanks all!

  • This does not seem to be the case anymore and it appears the line is being arbitrarily chosen.  In fact, the line gets changed when I add a data label (what ?!?!)


    Specifically, I have a series that is a count of certain string types so sorting does not work.  Is there anyway to choose which category is the line in this instance?

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