Data Center, Data Warehouse Enhancements

I'd like the DataCenter, Data Warehouse to sort by views and or color.



Ideally I would like to see the organization spiral out/in based on DESC or ASC.  From a system/galactic/universal perspective, this would allow you to see what is the center of your universe OR what should spiral into the black hole.  It also lends itself to looking spectacular with that slow rotation.



Speaking of that slow rotation, when the matrix revolves, it's impossible to determine where the start to your sort is, so I have to mouse over the data again and again to determine my ordering selection.  If it were gradated from light to dark this would provide a visual orientation and wouldn't require an inspection step.


*Speaking of color, it would also be cool to have a "dark" setting, if not a full set of site visualization controls/configuration settings.  It would make the Data Warehouse epic and expansive to view as it slowly revolves.  All that dubstep music on the site would go great with a black background and stark white/neon highlights. -Just say'n.

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