Additional functionality for TIME FRAME selection at the card, but at the edition as well

I think could be a plus if we can select the time frame from x to y, but with the option to take out another time frame v to z.

Example, I would like to see last 12 months without current month.

Same thing for weeks, I would like to see the last three months by week without show current week, or without current and last week.

This will help to disregard data which is not ready to considerer.

The "between" option is not the right solution for this since it cannot be automated.


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  • This would be a nice feature. As a work around, I made the following beast mode to filter out data from the current month:


    (CASE  WHEN (MONTH(`Date`)=MONTH(CURRENT_DATE())) THEN 'true' ELSE 'false' END )


    I then use this beast mode as a filter on the card and exclude the "true" values.

  • Thank you for submitting your idea.  I'm assigning to our PM @ckwright for review.

  • This is great feedback, we are looking into this feature to see how we can meet your needs of including and excluding dates ranges. 

  • Hi All,

    Any move on this?

    I was about to post my idea when I found this.

    What I am looking is for the ability to Exclude Current Period.

    When wanting to view only complete and final data, i do not want to include the current live period, some cards might also look incomplete if the current period is to be included. Excluding Current Period would allow the card to naturally progress to the next period without the need to change the card, currently i need to manually change the filter to exclude current period.


    Thanks for this Idea, hopfully i've added to the request.

    I would expect an option to exclude current period in either of the date areas as shown below.




  • @ckwright @btm


    Please provide an update.


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