How do I use lastvalue variable in workbench 4

I am trying to use the lastvalue variable to append new records in workbench 4 but it is not working because I am not sure what I am supposed to put in as the value under replacement variables. Does anyone have an example of using this in workbench 4? I can only find examples from 3.


The only time I even get it to run I just get a continuous stream of this message:

"Replacing query parameter at position 5460"

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  • at8808
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    Through some testing I figured out how to use it. You have to select the column you are using for the last value as a replacement variable and use !{lastvalue:COLUMN_NAME}! as the value. In the code, you then make a statement where COLUMN_NAME > "!{lastvalue:COLUMN_NAME}!"


    Run the job first as normal and then when you look at your replacement variable the value should have populated with whatever the last value is for the column you selected. Make sure the column is in your SELECT, WHERE, and ORDER BY sections of your code.


    Before running the job again, go to settings and change the update method to append. 


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