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I require the ability to Filter and Sort based on aggregations. Currently the filters (i.e., Show only # Rows) and Sorts are at the row level. However, a much more frequent use case for me is to filter or sort by an aggregation. So for example, if I have a dataset where each row has a saleperson, an individual sale, and the value of that sale, I want to be able to sort salepeople by the SUM of their sales. Likewise, I'd like to be able filter for only, say, the top 10 salepeople based on total sales. Currently, the filter would filter out individual sales, rather than salepeople.

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  • Thank you for submitting your idea.  I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • @srosen, I'm trying to better understand your suggestion. If you have salesperson in the x-axis, can you not make the y-axis the sum of their sales and then sort by the sum of sales and show only 10 rows? Would that create the chart you are looking for or are you looking for something else? Let me know so we can get a better idea of your pain point. Thanks!

  •  @michaelf Ah, I see. My pain point is around Fitlers rather than Sorts. Here is the Salepeople example. In this example, I want to be able to Filter by SUM of Sale Amount. So, for example, I'd like to be able to filter for Saleperson whose SUM of Sale Amount is greater than 3K. In the current chart, however, there is no ability to apply a filter to the aggregation of sale amount (it only lets me filter for individual sales above a certain value). Does that help clarify?Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.46.15 PM.png

  • Thanks @srosen for the clarification, that makes more sense. That would make filtering more powerful. We've created internal ticket DOMO-65254 for our engineering team to review the possibilities. Thanks for the suggestion! 

  • @srosen in its current state to filter out the aggregated data, you could create a dataflow that does this, and then filter on the aggregated data in the card. Just a thought that could help hold you over for the time being.

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    Status update please on this.



  • @DaniBoy we are continuing to work with another team on improving this

  • We're coming up on a year since the last update, can anyone speak to this functionality timeline and expectations?




  • @StevenC are you still the owner of this one? 

    Can you provide a status update?



  • @DaniBoy do you know if they are still working on this?

  • @NewsomSolutions let me look into this and circle back.



  • @DaniBoy any update on this one? 

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    @DaniBoy any updates? It has been over 3-years since this idea was submitted. Would be great to get a real status update. It would be great to be able to filter based on beast mode aggregations in-card, rather than having to create data flows to aggregate and re-join with the un-aggregated data.

  • I'm having a simiar issue. I created a subtotal for each client for where they have traveled and need to filter out those who have only had one trip. I even created a separate beast mode and tried to filter on that but everything I try gives me the message "Aggregations are not supported in filters". 

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