Filtering Publication Groups Using Beast Mode Calculations

Currently when setting up filters for publication groups, users have to select all the values for a dimension that they'd like made available to that group. For a messy dataset where similar items are named multiple ways, this becomes burdensome to manage at scale. For example if you're trying to filter based on location name, and you want a publication group to see all the data for the Dallas-Fort Worth market, you would have to include all the variations such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Dallas/Fort Worth, DFW, etc.



In the future, it would be extremely helpful to be able to set filters for a publication groups based on beast mode calculations shared on the dataset. So if you had created a beast mode on the dataset that aggregated all the variations of a market name, for example, you could then filter for Dallas-Fort Worth at the publication group level rather than having to call out all those variations again.

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