'No Data Exists' Explanation

Sometimes when I'm editing cards, I'll get a "No Data Exists" result. I then have to do some detective work to figure out what the problem is. It would be nice if there were was a specifc warning offered that indicated the specific problem.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  I am assigning this to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • Thanks for this feedback. I will look into the options we have for more detailed display message. 

  • I'm new to Domo. Created one card showing qty in units which worked fine. Then I duplicated the card and added elements to calculate dollars.


    It initially worked, but then started saying NO DATA EXISTS.


    Even when I put the original Qty fields on the card instead of my dollar calculations it just says NO DATA EXISTS. 


    But when I display a table instead of a chart, the data shows. 

    I'm sorry, but this feels like the BORG saying RESISTANCE IS FUTILE...



    Any help out there?




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