Add field filter where fields are listed but no filter is present

The field filter can be really nice when trying to select a field from dozens of them, so it is noticeably missing when it is absent.


So far, I know that there is no field filter in

  • The column selection in the final drill down tabular view
  • DataFusion join column selection.
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  • Thanks for submitting this idea.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @cr1ckt To make sure I am understanding your feedback correctly, are you needing to be able to filter and do analysis in the data set table at the end of a drill? This is good feedback, table enhancements is on our road map which will help with your request. 

  • This request was a little generic, but the "field filter" functionality I'm talking about is pretty much the filter input field you get on the left-hand side when looking for fields in the card builder.


    Some other places (e.g. many column selections in Magic ETL transforms and the field selector for the summary number on a card) will give you a searchable inut field with an attached combo box that filters fields as you type. This would also satisfy what I'm asking for and may be a more appropriate UI implementation.

    I think these designs are purely a client-side filter implemented in angular. I was asking for a similar client-side filter over lists of field names in the other places they are presented in Domo. Those places are:

    1. When adding a new filter to an analyzer.

    2. When editing a sumo/final drill down table's columns in either the card builder or the normal user's view.

    3. When selecting columns to join by when editing a DataFusion.

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