Run Now or Stop Update Option for multiple sets of data

In the datacenter, there is a list of datasets,

i wish there is a way to select multiple datasets for update or to stop update or even delete datasets

This is very helpful if one has a long list of dataset to manage

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  • Thanks for taking the time to share feedback around the datacenter and the process of updating datasets. I can see many benefits of having more robust tools to be able to manage the process of updating or canceling updates to datasets. I will look into this.

  • Even just to be able to select 'Run Now' in the Data Center (in the meantime...) would be very useful, instead of having to go into the data set. Data center only provides View, Preview and Delete, and you have to go into the dataset itself to Edit Name & Description, Export, Run Now, etc, both images below. Datasets Image.png

    Individual Dataset Image.png


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