Can a subpage be created for a subpage?

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I could create a suboage for a page. Could I go one more level down and create a sub page for a subpage. I do not see that option.

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  • Godzilla
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    No you can't. The next closest thing to another level of sub pages is 'Collections'. you can create a collection on a page and group the  cards together by dragging them into the Collection areas. To create a new Collection on a page, click on the wrench icon and from the drop down select 'New Collection'

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  • I know this thread was solved over a year ago but I'm new to Domo and had a question about this. Once I click "New Collection" nothing seems to happen; should there be some type of prompt to name that collection, or anything else that would let me know it's being created or has the feature been disabled? Thanks!