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Very much want to be able to zoom in on a US County Map powered by FIPS codes. Filtering for the region I want removes the values from other parts of the country, but the map does not get any closer in to the area I want to study. Please create more functionality! Thanks

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  • I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

  • No, I think Domo will need to create this as a new card type. Anyone from Domo have info on the various maps? I see new countries are added with nearly every release, so I'm hoping this is coming, too. 

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  • The current US Map functionality does include the ability to add FIPS codes and drill from state to county to zip code levels.  You will need to create a drill path and replace "State Name" with the FIPS code:

























    Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.52.56 PM.png
























    If you do not have FIPS code in your current data you can request that DomoSupport add a zipstofips file to your instance.  You can then perform a join to add the FIPS and County Names to your current data.


    You could then create a 3rd drill path to zip codes if you choose.  Hope this helps!   (I work for Domo)


  • It helps datawise, but what I was hoping to see was a visual where the part of the map you don't want to see are omitted -- for instance if all of my sales are concentrated in the New York/Pennsylvania/New Jersey area, I want the map to literally zoom in to show a more granular view of the applicable data. 


    Does your suggestion accomplish that? I haven't tested it, but I was under the impression  Domo hasn't provided a zoomed-in US map, which I believe is the missing component here.

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  • Thank you for the idea.  I'm assigning this to @Gavatar to review.

  • We do have a lat-long map that does what you are asking for.  It takes whatever data you give it and draws a map that zooms in to the level of your data. It can start at a world level if you have global data. If you then filter down to the US you will see only the US. If you then filter to just show states in the North East you will see a map that shows just that region.  This will continue to zoom to the minimal bounding rectangle that contains the lat/long points included in the map



  • I was using the US Counties map, which doesn't appear to do what you are describing.. I see there is a US Long/Lap map, but I don't have Long/Lats in my data. I did merge my data with a Zips to Fips dataset from Domo, are there Long/Lat values I should have pulled in to accomplish this? I used ETL and only grabbed the ZIP and FIPS values so I can't see the original data at this moment.  If no, how can I get and add Long/Lat values to properly populate the card?

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  • You need to have lat/long values to use the lat/long map with auto-sizing. It is the only one currently that does the automatic zooming to regions. 

    If you don't have it in your core data there are a variety of tools to help get it. For example you can test it with:


    Or here are some examples from the US:

    Country City                           Lat                 Long
    US          Washington, D. C.  38.89511       -77.03637
    US          New York City        40.71427        -74.00597
    US          Los Angeles            34.05223       -118.24368
    US          Chicago                   41.85003       -87.65005
    US          Brooklyn                 40.6501         -73.94958
    US          Borough of Queens 40.68149    -73.83652
    US          Houston                  29.76328      -95.36327
    US          Philadelphia           39.95234       -75.16379
    US          Manhattan             40.78343       -73.96625
    US          Phoenix                   33.44838     -112.07404
    US          San Diego               32.71533       -117.15726
    US          Dallas                      32.78306        -96.80667
    US          San Jose                  37.33939      -121.89496
    US          Indianapolis          39.76838         -86.15804
    US          Jacksonville           30.33218          -81.65565
    US          San Francisco       37.77493        -122.41942
    US         Austin                     30.26715         -97.74306


  • I'll have to play with that, thanks!

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  • I have the FIPS codes in my data. I've done the drill down path and used the FIPS information in place of the State Name (as mentioned above and in the DOMO University video) to view data broken down by county. However, when I click down to view the drill path on my card, the data is not populating on the map and the map is not broken down by county. It basically gives me a gray US map with no data. What am I doing wrong? Please help. 

  • @Gavatar, how do you implement the auto-sizing on the Lat/Long map?  I have played with this map type before, but have never been able to achieve that Zoomed-in view to a particular area, it seems to hold at "world view".  Is there a setting in chart properties that i just haven't located?

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  • @Gavatar


    Did you have a chance to see the question from @ckatzman?

  • Two answers:

    1) lat-long maps automatically zoom to the smallest subset of the geography that includes all the points. If you have a point in North America and South America and Europe you will get the entire globe. If you have data for just Argentia you should get just that country.

    2) New cool manual zooming is coming soon

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