Bulk Edit Cards - Formatting

Once cards are created, you don't really know how they will export until they are exported.



For example, I exported an entire deck only to realize my font size was a little too big. Instead of going into each card individually to change the font size, it would be nice to have a bulk formatting option. This could also apply to data labeling, color themes, etc. 



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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @wantwineThanks for the feedback, this is a needed feature to help mass card editing. We have this feature on our roadmap. 


    Do you have 10 mins to jump on a call to discuss more about how you would expect this to work?  Thanks! 

  • Hey @ckwright! I'd be happy to. Feel free to reach out via email for contact information:

    [email protected]



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