Drill Card - Control/Inherit user selected time bucketing

I have a card that is published with a default bucketing by year and allows drilling in. It is possible to switch to bucketing by week to get more detail and this works just fine. However, when the user drills in they lose control over the time bucketing and it goes back to bucketing by year. It would be nice if the drill view either inherited the changed bucketing or better yet allowed the user to continue altering the time bucketing directly from the drilled in view.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @cr1ckt Thanks for this feedback, could you provide a bit more detail, a visual possibly? You can send me a private message if that is better for you or post on here. We are working on a few features that might solve this request. I need to understand the request a little better. Thanks!

  • @ckwright I've sent you some examples ?

  • @cr1ckt Thanks, I reviewed the examples. I appriciate you sending them over to me. I am reviewing this with my team to get their feedback on developement efforts. 

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