Additional String Manipulation Functions in BeastMode

I would like a more robust set of string functions available for BeastMode calculations. Having to continuously go back to the dataflow and use SQL to create new fields is slow, inefficient, and doesn't let me utilize the ETL dataflow type.


A few common string functions that I would like to see incorporated are: 


Length('String')-- returns the length of the string

Left('String', # of characters to return)-- returns the first x number of characters in the string

Right('String, # of characters to return)-- returns the last x number of characters in the string

Find('String', Start Character #, 'Sub-string')-- returns the location of first instance of the substring in the original string starting after the start character number

Replace('Orgin String', 'Characters to be replaced', Characters to do the replacing')-- Replaces the any instance of the 2nd input with the 3rd input.

Char(ASCII Number)-- Returns the character associated with the inputted ASCII number



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  • Now, I'm not saying there's a conspiracy afoot <::looks around cautiously::>, but...


    quite by accident I discovered that standard MySQL functions work just fine in BeastMode even though they are not alluded to within the BeastMode functions that are presented for use.  See a small example of ones off your posted list, or try other standard functions (MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual [online]).


    MySQL functions in DOMO.PNG

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  • Wow, great find! Basic string manipulation functions are hidden, but date functions are duplicated? Better bust out your tin foil hats....





  • @SamEich Thanks for submitting this feedback. I am reviewing these beast mode requests with other teams. I  defenitely agree these additional functions would be very helpful in Beast Mode. 

  • Length, Left, Right, Replace, INSTR are now all available in Beast Mode UI. 

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