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Honestly thinking about tool iterations. I know it seems silly, but bear with me. Currently we use hipchat for our internal business chat. Many other companies use Slack or some other similar tool. While I expect emoticons to come with Buzz 2.0, I haven't seen anything related to .gif functionality. Perhaps in finance or healthcare these won't frequently be used, but in marketing they're engrained in daily communication. Like them or not, they're here to stay in that industry, and working with remote dev staff, it can actually be a somewhat crucial switching requirement to embrace buzz 2.0 vs other existing chat tools. Have you given any thought to creating autoplay .gif or HTML5 cards? I know that there is currently an image card type and a document card type, so I'm guessing the autoplay functionality wouldn't be too terrible to do.


Again, I recognize that .gif image files will work in full card mode, but is there a way to use them in buzz on hover, or in page mode?


Also, think about what happens if users post Image or video url's and if you autoplay the image and iframe the video.


Would love your thoughts. Cheers!






cc: @MitchyMitch8 @Gavatar @DaniBoy Aaron Mitchell to monitor. Thanks y'all

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  • Thanks for submitting this idea @totesmgoets.  I am assignign to our product manager @MitchyMitch8 for review.

  • @product_John Cool, Cheers!





  • @totesmgoets Mad gif skills, I can appeciate that. I am a Product Manager who works with the team building out the new Buzz experience. Happy to let you know Gifs are definitely something we will be supporting. Very excited for this to be rolling out over the next few months and for you to get your hands on it.




     You got it.gif

  • I was curious if we could insert gif images while experimenting with the new Dashboard features. 


    I was a bit saddened to see that gif (moving) image support is not there.  Hopefully this feature can be reconsidered, as mentioned, gif images are ubiquitous, and moving images have a place.  We have a lot of things in our business that make a lot more sense when you can see the pieces moving.  From a quality perspective, creating a gif or short movie is an easy and effective way to display how particular failures occur.


    Would like to see the support, and thanks for the consideration.



  • Thanks @JasonAltenburg !

    We'll get some more eyes on this one, great seeing you at Domopalooza!


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