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I would love to have the option in the date filters of cards to filter to Next Quarter, Next Month, etc.


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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket DOMO-42992.

  • I have asked for this in a software enhancement. I would think this would be a quick one for them to knock out.

  • @Gavatar can you take a look at this please?

  • This feature is on our road map, unfortunately it's not a quick one to knock out. Once we have more information available I will provide an update. 



  • Thank you for the update @ckwright.  In addition to this, it would be helpful if there were options to select:

    • On or after... (x date)
    • On or before... (x date)




  • @nlombardini Thanks for this additional informaiton. I have captured it. 

  • @nlombardini Look out for this feature this month! We have future date options available this month. These are the options being released Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Quarter, Next Year. There will be more future options coming in the future. 

  • Awesome!  Thanks so much.


  • I would like to have a " to date" filter option that excludes current day (i.e. has data thru yesterday). Why? I have datasets that combine actuals thru yesterday but plan for entire year. When building cards I need to create cut off filter using CURRENTDATE - 1, but that does not work for e.g. Sumo cards that do not allow Beastmode calcs.

  • @SLaczny Thanks for the info. We are reviewing more of these options. The Next... and Last... is in the works. Thanks

  • Any update on the "Next..." date filtering option? Forward looking data is just as, if not more important than historical. Being able to simply set up a card to show "Next 3 months" of pipeline instead of having to manually change the date range each month is very necessary. Thanks.

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