Multiple Interactive Graphs in One View

Instead of having to drill down and back up to explore details for a high level graph, I would like multiple charts to be displayed in the same view as the main card with selections on one card filtering the data on both charts. 


Here is an example:

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  • Also mentioned in this knowledge base post:


    I know we can make custom apps, but who wants to do that?

  • This sound more like an app. I agree could be a great solution but maybe you have an app already available to do this.

  •  @GIriarte Currently, yes, you can build a custom app using java/html, or hope that someone has already built one for your needs (that your data fits into). However, the ability for anyone to quickly build their own customized, interactive, dashboards would be a great enhancement to domo's current offering. This feature is a key distinction between them and some of the more mature BI tools out there. 

  • Sure, I am voting yes for this one.

  • @SamEich You don't need a custom java/html app builder. They have Domo app builder add-on for Adobe Illustrator, where you build it using simple GUI tools. Ping Domo for a demo.

  • Thanks @SLaczny, I'll reach out. Still would like a simpiler out of the box solution. 

  • @SamEich - have you looked into building a custom app using our Design Studio?  It allows for more of an assembly model withing Adobe Illustrator.  Create a design, add data-driven visuals from our library, then connect that to Domo data.   There is information here:


    I am going to assign this idea to our product manager @michaelf for review on an out of the box solution.

  • Thanks @product_John! I'll try to find an illustrator license and test it out. 

  • @SamEich - just a bit more info.  You'll need a Creative Cloud version of Illustrator (2015 CC is the latest).  They have a free trial option if you just want to test it out.

  • Thanks @SamEich for the idea! I think @product_John is right, the Domo app builder add-on could be a great solution for this but I'll chat with @ckwright, one of our other product managers, to discuss how this could be implemented as an out-of-the-box solution. Thanks!

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