DEFAULT: Always use "Thousands Separator" if type = Currency

Every time I build a summary field in Domo where the type is currency, I have to also remember to enable the "Thousands Separator" checkbox.


This should be automatic. Make this the default (Checkbox = TRUE) if Data Type = Currency



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  • Yes, please! Would love the 2 decimal place option to be a check mark rather than drop down, too. I doubt most people using currency want anything other than $000,000 and $000,000.00. 

    Broadway + Data
  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  Our product manager for this area is @ckwright and he will take time to respond.

  • @christophorce Thanks for this idea, we will need to understand how many users are using thousand separator feature for their summary number. If a large percentage are when using currency then we'll be able to make that change. 

  • Please consider this for X and Y axis values as well, not just summary number. Thank you!

    Broadway + Data
  • Just found this thread, but it would also be nice to set default settings for a field. That way I don't have to change my revenue field to currency, with thousand seperators no decimals every time.

  • MattE
    MattE ⚪️

    @ckwright We prefer the thousands seperator and NO decimal places for Currency.   In lieu of setting a hard change for everyone, perhaps all of these could be set by a default preference at the Company Settings level in Admin.  That would give every instance the option to set their own default preferences.(similar to the new "Week Display" option for how weeks are labeled)  This could be applicable to the Percentage and Number preferences as well.  Of course, it will still need to be editable and changeable at the card building level for the exceptions, but would save lots of time to every creator in menial formatting work. 

  • Is there a way to change the default settings for the value options?  Like change my default for decimal places to none.  That seems simple enough, but I can't figure out how to do it.

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